Using LED wall virtual production creatively

Photo by Ian Wallman

LED volume studios are fantastic creative assets that allow producers to establish authentic and dynamic environments, enabling actors to feel immersed in a more realistic environment than a green screen studio. But the approach comes with its own technical requirements that need to be mastered. This workshop provides an intensive introduction to the technology and effective production approaches.

David Levy, Director Business Development Global Solutions at ARRI, presents ARRI Stage London, an advanced 708 sqm volume designed for high end feature and commercial production.

David will guide participants through the technical set up, workflow, skills and considerations in terms of effective lighting and color management, aiming to give participants all the insights needed to get the most out of an LED volume.

• LED volume production overview (30 minutes)
• Demo of ARRI Stage London and its capabilities (40 minutes)
• Q&A (20 minutes)



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