Demystifying Web3.0, Metaverse, XR and NFTs

There are many confusing terms for the Metaverse, WEB3.0, XR, and NFTs. This workshop will clarify the topics from a Public Service Media point of view, with the goal to develop a common understanding and potential concrete activities between EBU Members.

In short, the Metaverse is the connection between the physical world and the immersive digital world where people can share a virtual space to interact and create in real-time. Web3 is more about blockchain technology and concepts – including digital identity, smart contracts, decentralized applications and NFTs – and can power Metaverse experiences.

If you are eager to better understand the differences between these two concepts and steer the EBU activities on these topics, this hybrid (in-person and online) workshop is the right place to be. Some speakers will join us on site, others, depending on the time zone, will present remotely or may record their talk to share their experience with us.


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