T&I Award 2023: BBC's crowning achievement with 5G

EBU tech-i 057

The EBU Technology & Innovation Award 2023 went to BBC for taking the use of private 5G networks for contribution to the next level. While previous tests had involved smaller networks, the coronation of King Charles III in London offered the opportunity to test the new approach at scale. Our cover shows the project leader Ian Wagdin installing one of the 5G cells. Read the full story on pages 10–11.

The three runner-up projects for the T&I Award 2023 are presented on pages 7–9.

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  • Mastering technology to better serve audiences – Antonio Arcidiacono on the Technical Committee’s new Strategic Roadmap
  • STADIEM project; EBU Young Technology Talent Award; New T&I event format; Updated UHD/HDR exchange guidance
  • Finding the right motion-capture tool for the job – An EBU group helps Members to better understand computer- generated animation tools
  • Combining 5G Broadcast and broadband in one application – The Nakolos project from Austria’s ORS was a runner-up in the T&I Award 2023
  • Solving the lighting challenge in self-driven studios – A project from SRF in Switzerland was another runner-up in the T&I Award
  • Using 5G to create synergies across the entire media chain – This project from RaiWay in Italy was also a runner-up in the T&I Award
  • BBC’s crowning achievement with private 5G networks for contribution – The coronation of King Charles III was the backdrop to this award-winning work
  • Decision time in Europe on the use of the 470–694 MHz band – What positions will EU Member States and EBU Members take for WRC-23?
  • Interference – why it happens and what to do about it – A dedicated EBU group can help Members tackle this perennial problem
  • Sustainability Matters: Pedalling towards greener production in Belgium and Britain – Solar-powered mobile production units from BBC and RTBF
  • In my opinion: Is the role of technology in the boardroom changing at public service media? – NPO’s CTO Willem Roskam on this critical question
  • Partner Profile: Digital TV Group – A crystal clear vision for the future
  • Video and social usage stabilize in youth while podcasts rise – Insights from the EBU’s Media Intelligence Service
  • In the spotlight: Robin Ribback – CTO for Accessibility at SWISS TXT AG and EBU Technical Committee member