The latest issue of our quarterly magazine tech-i celebrates the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, which France Télévisions will use as a springboard for a whole range of technology advances.

Innovation projects that will benefit from an Olympics-driven acceleration include the 5G and cloud-based coverage of the torch relay, live IP-based production of coverage of the Games themselves, AI-based speech-to-text and translation, and the nationwide roll-out of UHD-HDR and Next Generation Audio on digital terrestrial television. On pages 10–11 of the magazine, Skander Ben Attia (Head of Engineering) and Romuald Rat (Head of Technological Innovations) provide an overview of the main projects.

In his editorial (p.3), Antonio Arcidiacono, EBU Director of Technology & Innovation, draws parallels between some of the challenges facing the European Union and those faced by public service media. Quoting a recent speech by Mario Draghi, he emphasizes the need for collaboration across the EBU membership. Mr. Draghi's words about the provision of public goods could apply equally to PSM organizations aiming to compete with global media players:

“Where there are investments from which we all benefit, but no country can carry out alone, there is a powerful case for us to act together – otherwise we will underdeliver relative to our needs.”

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