Networks 2011

Media networks is gaining in complexity. Today’s interconnected market and ever tightening budgets are encouraging more and more broadcasters to choose all-IP solutions in contribution and shared storage systems. Yet, are these solutions the most reliable, fast and trustworthy? What are the alternatives, are they interoperable/interchangeable? 

The EBU Networks seminar was broadcasters’ annual rendezvous to monitor and discuss about the latest developments in Media networks, and consider realistic options for the near future. On this year’s programme, the all-IP technology was under scrutiny.

Objectives of the seminar were:
- Learn about new developments on B2B media exchange via IP, through real-world use cases
- Assess the latest interoperability and standards developments
- Consider the all over IP technology approach versus Hybrids and IP over Satellite
- Look at storage solutions to interconnect Media centres
- Monitor the latest developments in Network measurements
- Participate in interactive tutorials on specialised topics

Interactive tutorials were a new feature offered in the programme this year. You had the opportunity to analyse one topic of your choice more in depth, and discuss your issues in small groups with an expert.

4 Tutorials topics were organised: Complete details here
• Broadcast media for network specialists - Félix Poulin, EBU
• Audio over IP, standards, protocol soup, best practices for migrating from ISDN
  - Lars Jonsson, SR and Mathias Coinchon, EBU
• Video over IP, standards, protocol soup, best practices - Yuan-Xing Zheng, BBC and Andrew Rayner, Nevion
• Media Storage Fundamentals - How to guarantee predictable performance - Luc Andries, VRT

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