3G-SDI Webinar

3G-SDI was recently standardised by the Society of Motion Pictures and Television Engineers as SMPTE ST 425-1:2011. Unlike its predecessor HD-SDI, the 3G-SDI standards allows for several mappings of content (called Level A, B-DS and B-DL). Each of those mappings is beneficial and suitable for several broadcast applications. However, studio equipment does not always support all levels, so infrastructures require careful planning.

In order to raise awareness and inform EBU Members on the three flavours of 3G-SDI available, a subgroup of the EBU strategic programme HIPS, developed a Technical Report TR 002. The report provides a detailed guide for users in the media industry.

Andy Quested, (chair of EBU SP-HIPS 3G-SDI group), gave an overview of the 3G-SDI technology and EBU TR 002 document.

For information, you may contact Adi Kouadio (EBU) or Elisabeth Ecoffey (EBU).



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