Positive outcome for broadcasting at WRC-23

EBU tech-i 059

The EBU brought a strong team and strong messages to the ITU World Radiocommunication Conference 2023 (WRC-23). The cover photo of Issue 59 of tech-i magazine, the first to be published since WRC-23, shows Doreen Bogdan-Martin, ITU Secretary-General, during the opening ceremony at the Dubai World Trade Centre. On pages 10 and 11 we report on the successful outcomes for broadcasters, in particular the decision to retain the lower UHF band for broadcasting until at least 2031.

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  • Embracing the AI opportunity for the good of society – Antonio Arcidiacono on why PSM is at a pivotal moment when it comes to AI
  • EBU Technology & Innovation Awards; new tech-i app    
  • Snapshots of PTS 2024
  • Warmest of reactions to AI-generated subtitles at VRT – The Belgian broadcaster leveraged EuroVOX for groundbreaking live test
  • Putting data at the heart of successful PSM strategies – How (meta)data is handled at three EBU Members
  • Finding the right loudness formula for cinematic content – A new supplement to the highly regarded EBU R 128 series
  • Mission accomplished: excellent outcome for broadcasting at WRC-23 – The EBU brought a strong team and strong messages to Dubai
  • How NRK took the initiative on HDR production and distribution – The Norwegian broadcaster has been building workflows and enthusiasm around high dynamic range
  • Lessons learned from building your own live broadcast encoder – Sweden’s SVT took the bold decision to build using open, shared elements
  • Tools and test materials for Next Generation Audio – There’s an ever-expanding range of tools available for NGA
  • Sustainability Matters: Content-dependent power-saving models for HDR displays – Experimental findings from BBC R&D
  • In my opinion: Getting closer to viewers: production will be distribution – Adde Grandberg, CTO of SVT, sets out his vision for Production 2.0
  • Partner Profile: CDN Alliance – Chair Mark de Jong explains why the new alliance was created
  • Back to the future: SVOD platforms adopt linear broadcast strategies – Insights from the EBU’s Media Intelligence Service
  • In the spotlight: Tatjana Mladenovic – Lead Data Manager at the BBC Archives Technology & Systems Department