The cover story for the latest issue of EBU tech-i magazine marks the successful outcome for broadcasters of the recent ITU World Radiocommunication Conference in Dubai. Of most significance for EBU Members was the decision to retain the lower UHF band for broadcasting until at least 2031. The EBU brought a strong team and strong messages to WRC-23 – a feature on pages 10–11 of the magazine outlines the main outcomes and describes how the EBU team prepared for this key event that takes place every four years.

EBU Director of Technology & Innovation Antonio Arcidiacono, in his editorial on page 3, argues that public service media organizations should be proactive in embracing AI technologies to enhance their essential guiding role in society:

"Big companies and private investors are putting massive amounts of money into developing this new world; it is only by combining the forces of medium-sized and small players that we can have a fighting chance to defend our culture and quality of life. We need to privilege all the native human advantages, combining the physical and digital worlds, leveraging technologies to stay in the lead, building our future together."

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