Getting a clearer view on the sustainability challenge

EBU tech-i 048

Taking its cue from the inaugural EBU Sustainability Summit, held on Earth Day 2021, this issue of tech-i magazine features a report from ARTE on measuring the carbon footprint of digital systems along with an overview of some key presentations from the Summit itself. You'll also find articles on fake-news detection at RTBF, Next Generation Audio production at SRF, and RTÉ's 'smart follower' strategy.

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  • Keeping innovation alive through the next crisis – Antonio Arcidiacono on creating a more resilient R&D&I ecosystem
  • EBU Technology & Innovation Award 2021 – Which projects are in the running this year?
  • Sharing video expertise and enthusiasm – Meet the people leading EBU work on video systems
  • Securing a place for television in the age of the internet – Rundfunk Berlin Brandenburg is piloting DVB-I
  • Finding the right transcription tool for the job – A collaborative project helps Members to benchmark transcription tools
  • Faky: fighting the spread of misinformation – RTBF’s new platform for fake-news detection
  • Measuring and reducing the carbon footprint of – New to measurement provide a more complete picture
  • Sustainability and media technology: start with an honest assessment of the facts – Report from the inaugural EBU Sustainability Summit
  • Content distribution and production in the UHF band: a virtuous circle for broadcasters – The EBU is calling for stability in how the UHF band is allocated
  • Testing the production of Next Generation Audio in an all-IP environment – SRF tests how Next Generation Audio can be produced efficiently
  • Designing better audio experiences: put the user at the centre – Coming up with fresh approaches to audio user inferfaces
  • In my opinion: Surfing the change-waves – Director of Operations, Technology and Transformation at RTÉ, Richard Waghorn
  • Partner Profiles: ITU – How standards boost the benefits of broadcasting
  • Competitive pressures underscore the need for partnership at European level – The latest research from the EBU Media Intelligence Service
  • In the spotlight: Krzysztof Kucharski – Senior Expert, Technology Department, TVP