Technical Assembly 2012

Click on the individual links below (or the button above for a zipped folder) to download the presentations delivered at this year's EBU Technical Assembly. You need to be signed into the site as an EBU Member (or TA 2012 delegate).

Session 1. Keynote Session
Solving the Spectrum Puzzle in Europe - Pearse O'Donohue (DG INFSO)
Breakout Discussions: "Spectrum Use and Future Services” - Reports

Session 2. Proud to Present
Analogue Switch-Off on Satellite in Germany - Eckhard Matzel (ZDF)
MediaCityUK – the new BBC facilities in Salford - Andy Bower (BBC)
New HD-studio at SVT - Göran Lindgren (SVT)
The implementation of DAB+ in Poland - (Polish Radio)
New ways to engage the audience: just do it and dare to fail - Dieter Boen (VRT)

Session 3. Strategic Focus: An all-IP approach for Public Service Media
IMPS - Organizational change for Tri-media production - Herbert Tillmann (BR)
UK File Based Exchange Project - Andy Quested (DPP)
Metadata – the key to efficient production and consumption - Klaus Illgner-Fehns (IRT)
CDNs: a quality guarantee over IP? - Egon Verharen (NPO)

Session 4. EBU Focus
Project Fair Exchange - Andrew Snoad (Futuresource)
Report of Technical Committee Chairman and Technical Director

Session 7. Strategic Focus: Future Media Consumption Scenarios
Future TV Beyond HD - Andy Quested (BBC)
The Future of Radio: linear and non-linear, audio and multimedia - Chris Weck (Deutschlandradio)
The Digital Watercooler: measuring your audience in a multiplatform world - Bram Tullemans (EBU)
TNT 2.0 France - Frédéric Tapissier (TF1)

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