Issue 55 of tech-i magazine, now available for download, includes articles on everything from sustainable streaming and AI-driven diversity tracking to music fingerprinting and comparing frame rates. The cover story looks at VPRO's ground-breaking work on podcast accessibility, with a special "typecast" player developed for deaf and hard-of-hearing audiences.

With nominations now open for the 2023 EBU T&I Awards, a special two-page spread re-visits the past winners of the main award to see what happened next in each case. Read their stories on pages 10–11.

In his editorial piece, EBU Director of Technology & Innovation Antonio Arcidiacono calls for smart choices to be made when it comes to future distribution networks, challenging the assumption that broadcasting cannot support new and future media services.

"For too long broadcasting and online have been considered in opposition, and not complementary. The option of combining broadcasting and online must be kept to the fore; we must use both broadcast and online technologies in a sustainable and smart way to ensure that PSM organizations keep control over future distribution in their own hands."

Read his editorial in full on page 3.

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