Targeting cloud-based and remote production

EBU tech-i 047

This issue of tech-i includes an update on the activities of the new EBU Hybrid & Cloud Production Group (pages 8-9), including a recent technology test at the World Biathlon Championships in Antholz, Italy (pictured on the cover). You can also read about Yle’s development of a cloud-based radio studio and RTVE’s use of 5G technology with cloud-based production and distribution.

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  • Spearheading the renaissance of media innovation in Europe – Antonio Arcidiacono, EBU Director of Technology & Innovation
  • Emmy Awards; SMPTE presidency
  • Discussing the future of European media R&D – Report on a panel discussion at PTS 2021
  • Yle works towards cloud-based radio production – Yle works towards cloud-based radio production
  • A 5G journey through the cloud – Pushing the boundaries of new production and distribution technologies at RTVE
  • Live production in the cloud – learning through collaboration – The new EBU group on Hybrid & Cloud Production mounted a pilot production at the Biathlon World Championships
  • Strength in diversity: multiplying the value of Europe’s newsrooms  – Introducing the News Monitoring tool and the Recommendation Box
  • Eurovision News Monitoring: what’s under the hood – How EuroVOX and PEACH provide the core functions
  • Looking beyond the media technology horizon – A new report on how PSM R&D labs see the future media landscape
  • Who needs conventional broadcast networks when you’ve got the internet! Right? – Roland Beutler (SWR) recommends caution when relying on Big Tech
  • Sustainability Matters: Tackling climate change one conversation at a time – A mobile app aims to make sustainability part of the day-to-day technology conversation at ITV
  • In my opinion: Finding new levers to meet the challenges of tomorrow – France Télévisions CTO/CIO Frédéric Brochard
  • Partner Profiles: DVB Project – Still serving broadcasters, with more urgency than ever
  • No single approach to sign-in dominates – The latest research from the EBU Media Intelligence Service
  • In the spotlight: Karl Petermichl – Strategy and Governance Officer to the CTO, ORF