Digital Radio Summit 2013

The highlight of EBU Radio Week (11-15 Februray) will be the Digital Radio Summit, on Wednesday 13 February, bringing together key players from the radio community to share ideas, experiences and inspiration. WorldDMB, DRM and RadioDNS will all hold technical and/or general meetings during Radio Week and there will be another set of RadioHack workshops.

Also, the Digital Radio Summit this year coincides with the UNESCO World Radio Day 2013.

The EBU launched a new technical Recommendation at the Digital Radio Summit today, in Geneva, confident that it will bring added impetus to the rollout of digital radio services across Europe. Recommendation R 138, representing the first agreement among EBU Members on digital radio distribution, was approved by the EBU Technical Committee last week.

R 138 advocates careful consideration of the needs of all radio services in any country planning to digitize radio, including future service expansion, available spectrum and the cost effectiveness of different standards for different services. It is fully aligned with the EBU’s Euro-Chip campaign, which is pushing for all new devices to be capable of receiving both analogue and digital radio services and switching seamlessly between them. Read more.

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