Beyond HD Webinar

While many broadcasters remain focused on rolling out their HDTV services, the industry is looking to an even more immersive future. This free webinar, following on from that of September 2011, provided an update on the journey to the formats that lie Beyond HD. It covered the following topics:


• Analysis of the six most important technology parameters for enhancing the media experience
• Update on the most recent standardization efforts in ITU-R, SMPTE, DVB and MPEG 
• Investigation of the complete chain from content creation to the consumer, for both Higher Frame Rate and Ultra-HD
• What standards are still required?
• Latest activities from EBU BeyondHD Project Group, including new test content for UHD-1 and 3D at 1080p/50 per eye.



Dr Hans Hoffmann Head of the unit on Media Fundamentals and production technology in the EBU Technology and Innovation Department. He has led a number of international projects of the EBU in the area of file based production, HDTV and beyond, 3DTV, and digital workflows. He is also very much involved in the SMPTE, and other standardization organizations. Currently, he is the Engineering Vice President of the SMPTE.

On his past activities: he joined the Institut für Rundfunktechnik (IRT) in 1993 as research staff in new Television production technologies. In February 2000 he moved as Senior Engineer to the Technical Department of the EBU in Geneva.




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