Loudness in Streaming

EBU R 128 S2

This new supplement to R 128 gives guidance for an audio levelling solution in streaming based on loudness.

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Streaming of broadcast content (live programmes as well as file content) has become an increasingly important distribution method for EBU members. On streaming platforms, broadcasters are competing with a vast array of major content providers such as Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google and Disney as well as music services such as Spotify and Tidal or audio-only services such as podcasts. Typically, these services use a higher Target Loudness Level than specified in Broadcast Loudness standards.

After the introduction and successful adoption of recommendation EBU R 128, the EBU has studied its practical consequences and has produced the new supplement that reflects the activity of other major organisations (AES, CTA) in that realm. It is a long awaited guideline on how to move in the streaming space.

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