Data is the fuel of digital innovation. Trust is a key value of public service media. The 'Trusted European data Space' (TEMS) consortium aims to combine the two.

After two years of preparations, the TEMS consortium’s 43 organizations from 14 countries are now holding their launch event in Bilbao, Spain (24-25 October).

TEMS aims to build a resilient data driven ecosystem in the media sector. The initiative is supported by the European Commission’s Digital Europe Programme (DIGITAL) and is a core element in the implementation of the European Data Strategy.

EBU is part of the consortium’s strategic board and coordinates fast prototyping and experimentation for collaborative and data driven projects.

As a key member of the TEMS consortium, EBU will make sure that the interest of all EBU Members are considered in the areas of tech specifications and governance, and that barriers to entry to a European Media Data Space are low.

The EBU draws on a large amount of experience in the space and is convinced that trusted media data spaces are a key enabler for faster innovation in media services.

“We are actively supporting our Members in their digital transformation.” said Antonio Arcidiacono, EBU Director of Technology & Innovation.

"We are convinced a media data space will ease the development and adoption of data-driven technologies such as AI and foster innovation and collaboration along an increasingly complex value chain. It is an important element for our ability to face competition from dominating US platforms, fulfil our obligations in the fields of public information, entertainment, and education, and do so in full respect of European rules and values.”

This project will be closely linked with a forthcoming EBU Data Space Group (an evolution of the EBU Gaia-X working group), which will report to both the Technical Committee and Digital Committee.

The official opening event of TEMS takes place at Euskal Irrati Telebista-EITB in Bilbao on 24 October 2023. The event features a presentation of the TEMS project and talks from Innovalia, France Télévisions, the European Commission, AFP and EITB amongst others.

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