Loudness Distribution Workshop

In this EBU workshop, focus was on distribution aspects of audio normalisation. How is it possible that audio levels always seem to be different and in several ways as well? Is this magic or does someone really understands what is happening? How does loudness normalisation affect the way distribution companies deal with audio? What happens in the receivers at home? What equipment and/or settings are needed to ensure transparent audio quality from studio to the end-users? What to do with analogue transmission and FM radio now that everything is moving to digital?

For professionals

It is time to solve these questions and inconsistencies in a radical way by applying the revolutionary paradigm that the EBU PLOUD group included in the EBU Tech 3344 Loudness Distribution Guidelines. To achieve this, support is required from manufacturers, distribution companies, broadcasters, and authorities.

The EBU organized this Loudness Distribution Workshop to inform professionals about EBU Tech 3344 and to provide a platform to share feedback and suggestions. The interactive event was well appreciated by the participants.


All presentations and some of the videos are available publicly.


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