Dataspace for Cultural and Creative Industries


Dataspace for Cultural and Creative Industries

This positioning paper argues for the creation of a dataspace for the European media and creative industry sector. It describes use cases that could be facilitated within a trusted Media Data Space. It also provides a list of existing projects for content and data sharing, across Europe, that could be federated to create a first iteration of a Data space. The document also presents the existing challenges for data exchange and how a Media Data space could solve them, what are the key technical building blocks needed and some insight on governance and busness models for a media Data space.


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The EBU coordinates a European working group on the creation of a Media/CCI data space, in sync with Gaia-x Data Space Business Committee, at the request of the Technical Committee of the EBU.

NOTE: In the context of this document, the acronym CCI refers to the 'Cultural and Creative Industry'.

All versions of this publication

The first version of this document was published in April 2022 by the CCI working group of the French Gaia-X Hub, led by Louis-Cyrille Trébuchet, CIO of France Télévisions, and Véronique Demilly, project manager at France Télévisions.

The current version is based on inputs gathered in several workshops organized by EBU in May 2022, with a broader community of EBU members, the CCI working group of the French Gaia-X hub, and media companies from across Europe, to discuss use cases, data exchanges challenges, and technical building blocks. Participants are listed in the minutes of the workshops.