The EBU Task Force on Generative AI has produced a special cross-disciplinary paper called 'Generative AI, News and Audiences: a need-to-know-now briefing for PSM' to help public service media and journalist better understand the potential and impact of this transformative technology.

The paper is intended as a concise briefing for decision-makers at PSM organizations, covering areas such as editorial workflows, journalistic credibility, misinformation, ethical issues, regulatory aspects, cybersecurity risks, the evaluation and benchmarking of available technologies, as well as the impact on audiences and the distribution of news.

Generative AI tools are expected to have a significant impact on the production and distribution of news content, but the fast pace of change has made it difficult to weigh opportunities, challenges and risks. In response, the EBU has created a transversal task force to study the topic. The report is the group’s first deliverable and will be followed by other publications and activities on generative AI.

The Task Force on Generative AI contains members of the EBU News, Digital and Technical Committees, as well as experts from the EBU Media, News and Technology & Innovation departments.

The full report, and a list of generative AI resources, such as videos, publications, and links to commonly used tools, is now available to logged in EBU Members on the EBU Generative AI report webpage.

The subject will also be the topic of a dedicated session at the EBU General Assembly on Thursday 29 June.

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