Some call it ‘uncharted territory’, others are afraid of the word ‘open’, and some simply see it as the best thing you could do ‘in the wild’ applied at home: Innersourcing. Its one of the latests buzzwords flying around, but the concept is older than you may think. Innersourcing as a term was first pronounced by Tim O’Reilly some 15 years ago. It refers to using the same principles and processes used in worldwide open source development within your own organization.

Good arguments
Promises of innersourcing include more code reuse, better quality software, efficient cross-organizational collaboration and, especially important, more motivated developers. These are encouraging arguments, not the least for IT managers trying to save costs without sacrificing quality.

Paypal's view
So (how) does that work in practice? That’s what Cornelius Suermann (PayPal) will disclose during his keynote presentation at EBU DevCon 2015. His company, Paypal, is one of those mimicking the open source movement to boost internal company collaboration. And what paid off for Paypal, may provide value for you, too.

So don’t hesitate to reserve your seat for EBU DevCon 2015.

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