Just like last year, the Open Source Meetup at IBC featured a series of 5 minutes lightning talks on open source projects and use cases from the broadcast domain, covering topics on production, contribution and distribution, such as: graphics and video play-out, audio & video encoding, transcoding in the cloud, DAB+ radio broadcasting, ....

Lightning talks

Welcome Mathias Coinchon (EBU)
SCF - a framework for transcoding subtitle files Andreas Tai (IRT)
The PREFORMA project for file compliance checking Erwin Verbruggen (NISV)
VLC Jean-Baptiste Kempf (VideoLAN)
Frikanalen - The TV channel that refuses to die! Dave Noble (NUUG), A. Aanerud (Frikanalen)
Open Source during the 2015 UK election night broadcast Przemyslaw Pluta & Chris Smith (Sky News)
Providing content recommendations using Hadoop/Spark Michael Barroco (EBU) 
codem-isoboxer, a light-weight, browser-based MPEG-4 parser Sjoerd Tieleman (Hiro)
A CasparCG-based play-out automation system Jerzy Jaśkiewicz (TVP)
Open Source for film production (incl. cameras and post workflows) Daniel Mulligan (Open Source Cinema UK)
AXIOM Beta - the worlds first open source digital cinema camera Sebastien Pichelhofer (Apertus Association)
(Im)possible solutions of using open source in digital cinema Radoslav Markov
Building your own encoders Kieran Kunhya (Open Broadcast Systems)
Open Source in the media processing workplace Tim Nicholson (BBC Studios & Post production)
mp4box.js, a library for manipulating MP4 files in the browser Romain Bouqeau (GPAC)
Small scale DAB Rashid Mustapha (UK OFCOM)
EBU Content Manager for Visual Radio Matthieu Habegger (SMP/EBU)
FOSDEM live video broadcasting Jaron Vietor DDVTech
TV2IP: a broadcast to IP converter for in the home Alexandru Munteanu (EPFL/EBU)