Transmission and network technologies for Radio, TV and Online media services

The scope of the Strategic Programme on Distribution covers Radio, TV and other media services. It comprises transmission and network technologies and their evolution on physical supports (in layers one to three). Focus is on increasing audience reach.

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  • Study the relevance of different media distribution options for EBU Members (including mobile networks)
  • Focus in particular on reach, quality, costs, and market position
  • Influence the standardization of new distribution technologies
  • Build cross-industry support for solution in line with EBU Members' requirements
  • Enable Members’ adoption of 5G and other platforms to increase reach and provide improved services
  • Assess complementarity between broadcast networks in order to rationalize distribution
  • Ensure and improve Quality of Service/Experience to the end user
  • Establish security strategies and best practices in distribution

The detailed list of deliverables of this Strategic Programme will be planned in summer 2019, with the start of the 2019-2021 workplan.