Broadband Distribution Architectures

Helps Members develop online media distribution strategies by sharing knowledge on relevant technologies, architectures and market developments

This group gathers knowledge and provides insights into existing and future Content Delivery Network (CDN) technologies and infrastructures. It also evaluates how the requirements of EBU Member are met by these technologies, including QoS, QoE, cost control, suitability for linear and on-demand content, the increasing use of personalization features, and support for advertising. The group also investigates alternatives to conventional CDN and backhauling approaches and evaluates the advantages and disadvantages of new concepts arising in the context of 5G mobile network technology, such as network slicing.

The distribution of audiovisual services over broadband networks is gaining more and more relevance to PSM organisations. CDNs in their various forms are one of the key technologies used by EBU Members to serve their online audiences.