UHDTV in Europe 2013


This webinar set out the technology roadmap towards the introduction of UHDTV in Europe, addressing when it might happen, why, and how it will be done.

In recent years, Ultra High Definition Television (UHDTV) has been under debate in standards bodies and been the subject of highly-impressive demonstrations. Now, the debate has moved into the living room with the commercial availability of displays that provide resolution of four times HDTV. The early adopters of UHD-1 are almost in the starting blocks, but they have focused only on increasing resolution and have left other parameters the same as HDTV.

Research done by the EBU’s Beyond HD and Broadcast Technology Futures groups has proved that providing a clearly perceptible improvement over HDTV requires a lot more than just four times HD resolution. There are questions concerning high frame rates (HFR), higher dynamic range (HDR), increased colour space, and more. Each of these parameters contributes in its own characteristic way to an overall improvement in image quality.


  • Setting the scene and UHD definitions
  • What makes UHDTV immersive?
  • Immersive” Audio
  • Test results
  • What is the EBU targeting in its work?
  • Phases and possible introductions for broadcasting
  • The different perspectives of the content and the consumer industries
  • Challenges for the future
  • Business versus engineers’ dream
  • Conclusions and take away 

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