UHD-HDR-HFR-NGA: can we do it live yet?

EBU tech-i 038

The inaugural European Championships in summer 2018 provided a perfect opportunity to test several emerging technologies. This issue of tech-i looks at what was done in terms of both production and distribution, covering advanced video and audio formats and potential 5G approaches.

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  • Building success based on synergy – Antonio Arcidiacono
  • Sveriges Radio joins PEACH
  • Updated burn-in recommendation
  • Previews of PTS 2019 and the Digital Radio Summit 2019
  • Review of Media Cybersecurity Seminar
  • DTT: in decline or on the up?
  • Transforming coverage of live events with AI – Stephen Jolly and Michael Evans, BBC R&D
  • 2110: just the tip of the pyramid
  • Our journey to IP – Genc Mucolli, Radio Television of Kosovo
  • Testing UHD-HDR-HFR-NGA live
  • IRT and EBU show the potential of 5G for media distribution
  • Rai tests mobile broadcast and UHD features
  • A smarter way to access radio
  • Partner Profiles: DAB at the heart of digital radio
  • In my opinion: Is NGA anything to shout about?
  • MIS: Tech giants investing more in original content
  • A blueprint for more agile media workflows – Brad Gilmer and Richard Cartwright
  • In the spotlight: Józef Wacnik, Polskie Radio