IBC 2010 Hot Issues

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Special Tuesday IBC Session

The ‘Hot Buttons’ at this special session organized by EBU TECHNICAL were presented by the below-mentionned speakers. Topics included Hybrid Broadcasting, 3D-TV, ‘the fate' of Digital Radio, Integrated Production, Loudness, and 1080p/50/60 programme production and delivery. We hope to have Improved your understanding of where broadcasters stand, and why industry panelists may (sometimes) think they are wrong. Referee: David Wood (EBU)

09h00  Broadcasters's view on ‘delivery’

- Is there hope for a common hybrid broadcast/broadband system?
- Do we need a 3D-TV broadcast system?
- What could be the future of digital radio?

Panel: Dietrich Westerkamp (Technicolor), Andreas Schneider (Sony)


Peter MacAvock (EBU)
Andy Quested (BBC)
Mathias Coinchon (EBU)


11h00  Broadcasters' view on 'production'

- How to make an integrated programme bank successful.
- HDTV file-based production and 1080p/50/60.
- Using loudness - a critical change for broadcasters!

Panel: Allan Arthurs (Sony), Ray Baldock (Grass Valley), Stefan Hofmann (Panasonic)


Sverre Reiten (NRK)
Dr Hans Hoffmann (EBU)
Florian Camerer (ORF)

12h15  Take away issues from IBC 2010

Conclusions with Lieven Vermaele (director EBU TECHNICAL)



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