Parameters for UHD/HDR programmes exchanged as files

EBU R 154

This is a recommendation on formats and parameters for programmes delivered or exchanged as UHD-files between different partners.

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The document is intended as a ready-to-use guideline where no other bilateral agreements are in place and can therefore be considered as a basic set of recommendations for UHD-HDR non‑live content exchange. These recommendations can also be used as a starting point by broadcasters and production companies just beginning in-house UHD-HDR content production or processing, and who need a simple and concise set of parameters and rules that can be used for tender and/or commissioning purposes.

The recommendations reflect well established “best practices” in the industry. Please note that this publication’s application is to everyday UHD material exchange, the delivery of finalized programmes to the broadcaster as well as ingest, basic post‑production and playout from broadcast centres. It is not targeted towards distribution to end users nor is it aimed at high-end UHD movie and feature film production.
Keywords: UHD, HDR, HLG, ADM, S‑ADM, ADM Profile, XAVC, AES3, NGA, MGA

All versions of this publication

Version   Date   Short description
2.0   2023, June   Updated, more detailed and easier to read advice.
1.0   2021, September   First version