Loudness in Radio

EBU R 128 S3

This new supplement to EBU R128 give specific guidance for an audio levelling solution in Radio based on loudness.

Open file (pdf, 0.6 MB)

Whilst the majority of European TV broadcasters produces its programmes according to EBU R 128 - and this for quite some time - many European Radio broadcasters have been delaying the adoption of loudness normalisation, not least due to the heterogenous distribution landscape encountered in Radio (FM, DAB, Streaming etc.), all with different levelling schemes for legacy and digital solutions.

The key concept behind the recommendations in this supplement is the clear differentiation between the production and the distribution realms. Production is now more or less universally digital - and this is well covered by the EBU's suite of loudness publications. Distribution of Radio programmes, however are a pot-pourri of legacy and modern digital platforms. The recommendations deal pragmatically with the requirements of loudness normalisation in this environment. Adopting these recommendations will provide a win-win-win situation for the technicians, the content producers and of course for the audience.

Also in support of loudness normalisation for Radio is the new Tech 3401 'Guidelines for Radio production and distribution in accordance with EBU R 128' that goes deep into the intricacies of radio production and distribution in all its shades - an essential acquisition to go alonside this third supplement to R 128.

Key words: Audio levels, loudness, Radio, production, distribution, normalisation, R 128.