Several new collaborative initiatives around video technology have recently been spun up by public media organizations under the EBU umbrella, driven by a desire to share and benefit from each other's knowledge and best practice, especially in the areas of UHDTV and HDR.

These new activities follow a trend to distribute elements of broad topics among several smaller – and more agile – project-based groups, rather than dealing with them in a single large one.

All EBU Technology & Innovation groups are open to employees of public media organizations in Europe and beyond (EBU Members). Many are also open to members of the wider industry. For an overview of all groups in the video domain, and to join the work, see:

Note also our webinar on 'HDR Workflows in Adobe Creative Cloud' (27 April, 16:00-17:00, for EBU Members).

UHDTV Strategy

In March 2021, a new group on UHDTV emerged. The UHDTV Strategy Support group, led by Karl Petermichl (ORF), addresses best practice on the use of UHD, HDR and NGA production technology. The current focus is on providing guidance for live and file-based HDR material.

More recently, in April, a new group covering subjective and objective evaluations work was created. This Video Evaluation group now fouses on production codecs, test sequences, testing of AI-powered algorithms, as well as upsampling from SD to HD and HD to UHD. This new initiative also liaises with the EBU Distribution SP for video compression topics (e.g. 5G contribution). It is led by Roberto Iacoviello (RAI).

Video Systems & Workflows

The EBU Video Systems & Workflows group, led by Simon Thompson (BBC R&D) coordinate all work in the Video domain. The umbrella group itself currently focusses on measurement of HDR video monitors and the sharing of best practice around the handling of various aspect ratios (including 16:9 and 9:16) in production workflows. Where relevant, the user communities on Media Archives and Non-Linear Editing Systems are included in this work. Further project groups will be created as needed.

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