PEACH, the personalization and recommendation ecosystem built by broadcasters for broadcasters, has welcomed Sveriges Radio (Sweden) to the team. This EBU project is an active co-development between RTS (Switzerland), BR (Germany) and now also SR.

With the aim of offering a fresh, personalized radio experience to it users, SR has been looking into multiple solutions. With the help of the PEACH team, a live test was conducted this summer in the mobile application, with the aim of providing the most relevant content for each individual user within their mobile app.

The development team also undertook a couple of lab days to trial the PEACH data science platform and gain a good understanding of the recommendation algorithms used. They concluded that PEACH enables them to create the content proposition they want for their users, and that the users were indeed listening to the content recommended.

Leveraging Big Data

The PEACH solution comprises single sign-on, playlists and a history API, a full data pipeline, and a data science platform to explore and process data, leveraging big data technologies for content recommendation and understanding users. This ecosystem helps broadcasters in their digital transformation: creating digital products with the cross-device user-centric experience their users have come to expect through using platforms such as Netflix or Spotify.

PEACH services will be deployed progressively in SR’s app in the coming months. Multiple algorithms will be used to recommend content that is both relevant and more diverse to the users.


This article was first published in issue 38 of tech-i magazine.

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