The best experience to the end user on any device and at any time

The scope of the Strategic Programme on Platforms covers Radio, TV and other media services. It comprises the development of any applications above layer 3 (application, presentation) to deliver the best experience to the end user on any device and at any time.

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  • Exploit Hybrid Radio and television services (e.g. HbbTV) to improve reach and user experience
  • Ensure PSM prominence on emerging connected devices including in-vehicle, speakers, IoT, in-home, apps enabling access to AV service offers
  • Provide tools and solutions to enable Members to develop competitive end-user experiences for online and hybrid platforms offering for anybody, anywhere, anytime, on all devices including Recommendation, Personalization, Accessibility, (RadioDNS), multi-language, mobile (apps, location, video formats, etc.) players and Quality of Experience
  • Provide guidelines to Members on Digital Media Rights strategies (e.g. DRM)
  • Develop CDNs and Edge casting solutions to optimize online delivery costs
  • Assess opportunities for common platform and player components usable by all Members for linear/non-linear media services
  • Investigate the integration of services and content in third party distribution platforms

The detailed list of deliverables of this Strategic Programme will be planned in summer 2019, with the start of the 2019-2021 workplan.

Note that for several existing groups that form part of this Programme, the deliverables (from the 2017-2019 workplan) are listed on the groups' pages.






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