The best experience to the end user on any device and at any time

The scope of the Strategic Programme on Platforms covers Radio, TV and other media services on a range of new platforms and hybrid connected devices. It focuses on the development of applications above layer 3 (application, presentation) as well as supporting services to deliver the best experience to the end user on any device and at any time.


Connected Cars and Devices

Forum for shaping how Radio and TV services are experienced on a new range of connected devices, including automotive.

HbbTV and DVB-I

Working to improve the interoperability of HbbTV in EBU member markets, faciliating the integration of the DVB-I specification, increase the prominence and use of linear television services on internet-connected devices.

Modular Content and Segmentation

Exploring tools, techniques and best-practice for modularizing and repurposing content in a way that can provide a dynamic and personalized experience to an end user.

Collaborative Developments


Creating an open toolbox for transcription and translation audio, audiovisual and text content with a single interface over multiple language tool vendors and technologies. This covers both file-based (on-demand) and streaming (near-live) use cases, embracing the use of open APIs and standards.


The personalization and recommendation ecosystem built by broadcasters for broadcasters, enabling Members to provide a personalized cross-device experience to the end-user. Also including discussions on data science, analytics, algorithms and user profiling. 

News Pilot

Explore how to automatic transcription, translation, artificial intelligence and recommendation algorithms can provide editors and journalists with innovative news monitoring services, with possibilities to extend this to digital news stories exchange between Members, and audience facing services.

Eurovision FLOW

The consensus among EBU Members and the industry is that a Multi-CDN approach is necessary to meet the growing demand for video delivery both regionally and in terms of throughputs. Following a successful pilot, in 2017 the service was commercially launched as Eurovision FLOW, operated by EBU.