TV Platforms

Towards seamless user experiences combining broadcast and broadband reception mechanisms on any device.

The TV Platforms group works to establish and improve technology that enables the seamless integration of linear broadcast with online distribution mechanisms on end-user devices, in markets covered by the EBU Membership.

Most household today have at least one smart TV that can receive traditional broadcast TV channels and also run applications that deliver internet-based interactive services. This results in a fragmented experience and creates competition between otherwise complementary services.

The TV Platforms group works towards solutions that seamlessly integrate delivery mechanisms in a way that is invisible to the user, while also allowing media organizations to continue to leverage the relative merits of linear broadcast delivery and on-demand broadband options.

A lot of this work is centred around fully exploiting the capabilities of available technology, specifically HbbTV (Hybrid Broadband Broadcast TV), a standard specifying the use of broadcast-integrated applications on smart TVs, and DVB-I, a standard that can combine reception capabilities from broadcast, satellite, 5G and other sources.