Metadata and Artificial Intelligence

Helps Members to enhance and enrich their media by integrating their data using AI

Media information management is an important aspect of broadcasting. As IT-based technology has become the norm, it is essential that broadcasters use flexible models including web technologies as well as agile systems and architectures encompassing the cloud and supporting adaptation to new business models workflows, preventing vendor lock-in situations.

The use of semantic modelling and flexible IP & media cloud micro-service architectures offer greater interoperability over current system design practices. The volume of data is growing but also its value. It is crucial to be able to efficiently manage, extract, index and retrieve information through the value chain, using well established conceptual and process models. MIM has extended its focus to encompass new technologies and techniques based on Articifial Intelligence.

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For the deliverables of this umbrella group, see the individual group pages of the following groups:

AI and Automatic Metadata Extraction

Media Cloud Microservices Architecture

Metadata developer network

Metadata models

AI Benchmarking

The topic of Metadata and AI is part of the EBU's Strategic Programme on Production.


  • Identify and evaluate the AI/ML applications for the analysis and the valorisation media contents. We do so by sharing expertise in a community of academic and industry specialists for you to bring your experience and best practice. We also welcome users and implementers who are keen to learn and contribute. Based on your requirements, we cooperate in the definition of standards to ensure more interoperability and robustness facing the challenges of future changes in technology.
  • Helps Members to enhance and enrich their media by integrating their data from commissioning to distribution


For information about the cross-disciplinary strategic EBU initiative, AI and Data Initiative, please visit the AI and Data Initiative (AIDI) page.


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