Technical Assembly 2023

Picture: Philipp Deus / Unsplash

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The 29th Technical Assembly was hosted by ORF in Vienna, Austria.

The annual Technical Assembly takes stock of current and future media technology trends and the work done in EBU Strategic Programmes and project groups on behalf of the EBU Membership. It is a unique opportunity for the technology leaders of EBU Members to meet with their peers and to share information of common interest.

The TA also reviews and endorses the Strategy Roadmap (formerly Workplan) guiding the EBU Technology & Innovation department. In even years, the Technical Assembly also elects the 13 Members of the Technical Committee, which oversees the work of the Strategic Programmes headquartered at EBU Technology & Innovation.

EBU Technical Assemblies are open to members of the Technical Assembly and employees of EBU Member organizations.

On the agenda

  • The transition to new workflows with IP and Cloud
  • Future tech talent for public service media to thrive
  • The new Think Tank launched by EBU T&I and the TC
  • Technology & Innovation Awards ceremony
  • Site visit at the ORF studios and facilities
  • More innovation, more impact



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