EBU Technology & Innovation works towards greater gender diversity in media technology through actions that target the short, medium and long term.

Women are widely underrepresented in STEM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). Achieving greater gender diversity therefore requires a long-term strategy that targets the grass-roots-level and can generate sustained momentum.

We set immediate targets that define the direction – such as by taking up the BBC's 50:50 challenge. We also work through the organization's networks and partnerships to increase awareness and encourage today's female engineers to be proud and visible. And we support initiatives that help to demystify STEM disciplines and attract new generations, especially young women, to the engineering field.

And finally, we aim to work with educational institutions and our Members to actively help train these future generations.

Towards a more balanced line-up at T&I events

As a major producer of engineering events at the EBU, our aims are two-fold:

  1. Increase consistently and over time the active participation of women as speakers, panellists and moderators at key EBU T&I annual events
  2. Give women a platform to raise their public, professional profile

For this, we set ambitious but realistic targets: Overall, we aim for incremental increases in female representation at our key events and a global figure of 25% female speakers at the end of the first 12-month period (July 2022).

T&I is proud to be supporting equal opportunity for women to have their voices heard in the world of broadcast engineering. Our 25% target is far from gender parity but also exceeds the typical female/male ratio in broadcast technology. We would be proud to achieve this figure.