Networks 2007

IP technology

An overview of the capabilities of IP networking was presented using practical examples. The main issues to be solved when adopting an IP solution were discussed. Amongst these issues, the Quality of Service offered by IP networks and its effect on global transmission quality is especially important. Broadcasters must clearly express their needs and wishes in this respect. Interoperability of equipment and networks is of fundamental interest to broadcasters and the work done within the EBU on this subject was presented.

Extensions to IP networks by means of wireless technologies were described as well. These extensions can be both terrestrial and satellite; the Eurovision network is an example of a mixed environment. Programme makers were cautioned, however, that whilst such technologies can greatly increase the opportunity to access remote sources of programme content, the technical quality of the material thus obtained must be sufficient to maintain the quality of their productions.

Other technologies

Even if, for the time being, IP incites the maximum of interest for networking, other technologies are still attractive when the real-time transmission of audio/video is concerned. New generation DTM and SDH were presented during the seminar as two such technologies. For future networks, promising techniques using optical switching will certainly become of great interest in view of the growing demand for transmission capacities.


It has now become a tradition to devote one of the sessions to security. This year, service continuity was considered and the subject was examined by means of a tutorial and also by considering a practical application at the VRT.

The seminar closed with a question and answer session between the audience and a panel of experts. This highlighted the fact that the implementation of IP solutions is still of great interest; the subject will therefore certainly be included in the 2008 the 2008 edition of the Network Seminar.


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