EBU Members' trials of 5G in content production and contribution

Tech Report 080

Audiovisual (AV) productions are the basis for broadcasting.

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They can be very complex, with a multitude of signals that have to be transmitted together synchronously and error-free, often with minimal latency. A very high Quality of Service (QoS) is extremely important for broadcasters, especially for live events, which cannot be repeated and whose quality cannot be improved at a later stage.

Wireless can dramatically reduce the effort of a production. Setup time is shorter; changes are easier if there are no cables to install. There is no risk of accident caused by cables. As wireless equipment is inherently mobile, crews can react more spontaneously to developments at live events and get closer to people. Remote productions are also possible.

Whilst wireless production equipment (cameras, microphones, in-ear monitors, communications equipment, etc.) has been in use for a long time, with conventional PMSE each of these devices needs its own radio link in its own frequency and dedicated infrastructure. This all means a high coordination effort, long planning timescales and commensurately high costs, especially for larger productions.

In IP-based productions, different signals are treated as individual IP streams, which melds nicely with the techniques used in digital wireless technologies. This is the motivation to study the latest generation of mobile communications technology, 5G, which offers high-performance connectivity in a global ecosystem with high data rates and low latency. It also offers new possibilities for media production and seems to be well suited for cloud- and IP-based productions.

This report contains a collection of different 5G trials conducted by EBU Members up to the time of writing. Each presents their respective technical configuration as well as their experiences with 5G NPNs in wireless AV production.

References and publications recommended for further reading are included in an Annex.

Keywords: 5G, non-public network, trials, wireless production, IP production, remote production.