Wireless Broadband workshop

Many standards, high promises
There is a variety of standards for both fixed and mobile wireless broadband, some of which promise to deliver high speed access anytime and anywhere. But how can these new wireless broadband technologies benefit broadcasters? That was the central question of a workshop EBU Technical organised on 24 November 2008.

The workshop explored existing and emerging Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) technologies, some of which may be able to provide new opportunities for broadcasters in the future. But there are many open questions, such as:

- What are service requirements for broadcast applications, e.g. capacity, coverage and QoS?
- How similar are wireless technologies to the traditional broadband platforms, such as cable, DSL and  FTTH?
- What are the limitations and how can they be overcome?
- Is mobility important? Why?
- What technologies are readily available and what are further down the road?

Broadcast applications
The workshop explored how wireless broadband systems could be used by broadcasters, for instance:

- in program making and contribution
- for content distribution and delivery
- other possibilities?

The workshop was primarily intended for technical managers and other technical experts who have to stay informed about the relevant new technology trends. Another important objective was to identify those areas where a more focused activity of the EBU community is required. Last but not least, this workshop was intended to facilitate a closer co-operation between broadcasters, BWA providers and industry.


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