EBU Core Metadata Set v.1.10

EBU Tech 3293

This is version 1.10 of EBUCore. It expands the list of elements originally defined in EBU Tech 3293 (version 1.0,  2001). 

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EBUCore 1.10 takes into account latest developments in the Semantic Web and Linked Open Data communities. A link to EBUCore RDF ontology and its documentation is provided in the "download zone". The EBUCore RDF ontology has been updated to match EBU's CCDM (EBU Tech 3351) needs and improve mapping with other ontologies. EBUCore RDF is listed as Linked Open Vocabulary as well as RDF-Vocab for Ruby developers.

EBUCore 1.10 provides a solution for dynamic acquisition metadata, a unique representation of the ITU-R BS.2076 Audio Data Model (ADM). Now 'props', 'costumes', 'timed text, ''actions and ''emotions' (among others) can be associated to scenes and persons or character. More information is now provided on the implementation of EBUCore RDF with multi-range properties. There are also new “how-to” sections on pretty RDF/XML, METS/FRBR mapping and the use of bi-directional properties.

This document provides links to the EBUCore schema and its HTML documentation. It also provides guidelines on how to use EBUCore to implement a variety of features.

More information on EBU metadata activities is provided on the EBU TECHNICAL website (http://tech.ebu.ch/metadata).


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Russian version of EBU Tech 3293 [2016] - Special thanks to EBU Member RTR.

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