EBU Tech 3285 Suppl. 7: chna chunk

EBU Tech 3285 S7

EBU Tech 3285 supplement 7 provides a definition of the <chna> chunk that enables the inclusion of ADM metadata in the BWF file format.

Open file (pdf, 0.5 MB)

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ADM (Audio Definition Model) metadata is an essential part of NGA (Next Generation Audio), which will enable broadcasters and other content providers to employ new workflows and efficiencies in their audio production - for "radio", "television" and online environments. The benefits for end-users will be multiple; personalisation, immersion and access services to name but three. NGA promises a veritable Pandora's box of services and innovation - this is fundamentally enabling technology. 

Although first drafted in 2015, it then appeared as part of the ADM specification. This version, dated May 2018, is the first time it has been published as a stand-alone specification, with updated references and alignment with the latest version of the ADM.