AIEMPro 2011 in Arizona

This year the ECM-SCAIE scientific workshop AIEMPro was still in conjunction with ACM Multimedia, the premier conference on all aspects of multimedia, in Scottsdale, AZ, USA held from 28 Nov. to 1 Dec. 2011.

The workshop aimed at exploring the application and evaluation of automated information extraction techniques and audiovisual content analysis tools to support future media production for novel TV services.

This proposal followed in a series of previous events, the first in conjunction with DEXA 2008 (AIEMPro08), the second in conjunction with WIAMIS 2009 (AIEMPro09), and the third in conjunction with ACM Multimedia 2010 (AIEMPro10). This year, following a successful merge with the CBTV workshop (held in 2009 in conjunction with the IEEE International Symposium on Multimedia), the full title of the workshop changed to reflect the broader domain addressed.

The significant increase in the amount of digital video content (TV channels in particular), and the diversification of broadcast possibilities and storage devices, have recently given rise to the emergence of many new services and novel TV programmes consumption schemes and usage trends. These new services are aimed at making broadcast content available to consumers according to their needs, i.e. without any constraint on location and/or time and with the possibility to cherry pick and navigate according to the viewers desire. These services have been proven to be very effective in significantly increasing the content audience and open new niches for profitable use of broadcast content. Examples of such services are TV-on-demand, interactive TV, Personal Video Recorders, Catch-Up TV.

This explosion of new media distribution and consumption paradigms and the corresponding new production workflows based on digital computer-based tools require an immediate revision of the traditional ways of making business in media industry. These evolutions are progressively substituting the traditional one-to-many broadcasting model. To cope with these trends, broadcasters are revolutionizing their point of view, trying to embrace these new models into their facilities.

For additional information you may contact Alberto Messina (RAI)/Jean-Pierre Evain (EBU) or Elisabeth Ecoffey (EBU).

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