Understanding 5G and what it can be

EBU tech-i 039

This issue of tech-i provides an update on where 5G technology stands currently and related EBU activities, including research on potential applications for media contribution.

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  • Our vision for a 5G future – Antonio Arcidiacono
  • Conference videos on demand: PTS 2019, FORECAST 2018, AI Workshop
  • Voice-controlled radio goes open source
  • Voting with your eyes – subjective video test results
  • Four guiding principles for successful innovation
  • AI-based audio fingerprinting for music rights reporting
  • A golden age of podcasting?, plus views from Latvia and France
  • Cover story: 5G: what it is and what it might become
  • Helping to unlock the potential of 5G for content production
  • A pivotal year for preserving our broadcast spectrum
  • Peer support on building new broadcaster facilities
  • MIS: Online traffic – the ony way is up
  • In my opinion: How to get the message across to management
  • Partner Profiles: DPP
  • The road to UHD: bright ideas and content gaps
  • In the spotlight: Brian Wynne, RTÉ