Dive into AI and machine learning

EBU tech-i 035

The March 2018 issue of EBU tech-i magazine comes at the topics of AI and machine learning from several angles. Patrick Arnecke (SRF) surveys some of the many tools and services already on the market, while Conor Ryan (RTÉ) explains how data journalism helps to uncover groundbreaking news stories.

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  • BroadThinking 2018 preview
  • Report on FORECAST 2017
  • Collaboration on a new content discovery platform for EUROVISION Special Events
  • Snapshots of PTS 2018
  • Dive into AI and machine learning
  • Data journalism: examples from RTÉ
  • EBU activities around AI, metadata and machine learning
  • Overview of HFR specifications
  • The secret to successful radio (and lasagne!)
  • In my opinion: David Wood on voice activation
  • Media Intelligence: audio-on-demand on the rise
  • DVB World 2018 on the way
  • Knowledge sharing in Asia-Pacific
  • The other spectrum battle: C-band, 5G and the position of broadcasters
  • In the spotlight: Richard Waghorn, RTÉ