The EBU Business Capability Map


This Strategic Report contains the EBU's Business Capability Map for Public Service Media (PSM) organisations.

Open file (pdf, 2.4 MB)

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One of the clearest definitions for 'Business Capability' is "an ability or capacity for a company to deliver value, either to customers or shareholders."

Business capabilities have become an emerging management tool in the recent years, promoted by leading research organisations such as Gartner, Forrester and Cutter. Put simply, it is a blueprint for the abilities or capacity that a PSM organisation needs. In diagrammatic form it shows what is needed to fulfil its public service mission: to deliver value to its Audience and to its stakeholders.

A Capability Map provides a framework for capturing key characteristics of a firm's business architecture and core functions (the business capabilities). It can be used as a strategic planning tool that can then assist in making business impacts in a wide variety of areas.

This Business Capability Map has been developed from the desire expressed by EBU members. Their enterprise architecture practitioners wanted integrated enterprise architecture models that are specific to the media industry.

The EBU Business Capability Map can be adopted as it is or adapted/integrated where desired into an organisation’s existing model. The map is an evolving tool. Therefore, we request EBU members that adopt or integrate the map into their own organisations to provide feedback on the successes and failures of its usage so we can enrich and refine the model for the benefit of all.

This Strategic Report is Alpha release ver. 1.22 (June 2020, initial publication).