sm workshopMore than sixty stakeholders from the European broadcasting community gathered in Geneva on Tuesday to discuss the outcomes of the recent WRC-12 conference. The aim was to assess the potential impact of the conference’s decision to allocate further radio frequency spectrum currently used for terrestrial broadcasting in Region 1 (including Europe) on a co-primary basis with mobile broadband services – the so-called 2nd digital dividend.


Preparing for WRC-15 will require coordinated actions at different levels. In particular, ITU and CEPT have aggressive timescales. In addition to these stakeholders, there are important discussions that will take place at European and national regulatory levels.


Multiple stakeholders


The workshop, organized by the EBU's Spectrum Management group, brought together representatives from the public service and commercial broadcasting sector, the PMSE (Program Making Special Events, e.g. wireless microphones) sector and the Broadcast Network Operators. A range of actions will arise out of the workshop.


EBU Members can access materials that were presented at the workshop by visiting the event page and signing in to the website.

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