WRC-12: What next for DTT?

The World Radiocommunications Conference (WRC-12) at the ITU concluded having set a course for a second digital dividend, i.e. the allocation of the 700 MHz band to mobile services.

The EBU SP on Spectrum Management organized this workshop to explain the conference decisions, explore the consequences for Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) and identify objectives to be achieved to sustain a viable terrestrial broadcasting platform.

The broadcast community was invited to participate in the workshop, to share its views and concerns, and jointly identify actions to be taken and the associated timeline.


Selected Presentations

International spectrum management:  working towards the future delivery of broadcasting services - Nigel Laflin, BBC
The 2nd Digital Dividend:  WRC-12 decisions related to the allocation of the 700 MHz band to mobile services - Roland Beutler SWR
Impact to PMSE services  - Dré Klaassen, Assoc. of Professional Wireless Production Technologies
Preparations for next WRC in 2015 and time schedule - Walid Sami,  EBU

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