A wide range of loudness products will be demonstrated during the EBU Loudness Workshop, which takes place 23 February in Geneva (CH). The event follows a so-called 'plug-fest' day where implementers of the EBU Loudness metering specification will meet to verify their implementations and to discuss any potential improvements to the specs.



Full range of devices


The products on show will cover a wide range of applications, including products to monitor and log the loudness of complete multiplexes off-air, live meters, analysers, file-based meter & correct software, radio-oriented software, etc. The enthusiastic take up of the EBU Loudness Recommendation R 128 and related technical specifications (EBU Tech 3341 and EBU Tech 3342) are a big compliment to the work of the EBU Loudness Group, PLOUD .


According to Frans de Jong (EBU coordinator of PLOUD), this underlines the phase that the Group is in at the moment. "Roughly speaking EBU Group work consists of three phases; understanding the problem and collecting user experiences, developing a solution to the problem and finally disseminating the result. The group is now in the dissemination phase and the number of products and implementations truly are the icing on the loudness cake."




2500 e-mails


He continues: "It is hard to quantify the dedicated activity of the PLOUD participants that made this work possible, but to give some indication: the count of e-mails on our PLOUD reflectors stands at ~2500. In 2,5 years that means roughly 3 e-mails per day (or night!) on average. And that is only the publicly visible part, not including one-to-ones between people thinking through dificult detail. If e-mails would have audio, this traffic would certainly sound ... loud!"


If you want to attend this free event (targetted at broadcasters and audio mixers in the media industry), go here .

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