tech-i A fresh new issue of tech-i, the quarterly technology magazine of the EBU, is now available for download. The cover story reports on February's RadioHack workshops, out of which an EBU project of the same name has been created. Despite the negative connotations commonly associated with the word "hacking", in fact this group of developers and engineers have been pushing the boundaries of Hybrid Radio and showing some of the exciting possibilities that lie ahead. Learn more in the article.


A related story looks at the upcoming Libre Software Meeting in Geneva where the EBU is organizing sessions on Free and Open Source Software for media production and delivery. A RadioHack workshop will be among those offered at the event, which is free-of-charge to attend. The article looks at some of the EBU Member projects that will feature at the event.




Two interesting articles look at standards and interoperability: one is an introduction to the newly published MPEG-DASH standard, which is set to be a key element of Hybrid TV services. Another looks at EBUCore, the EBU's flagship specification for metadata. It can be a complex topic, but in this issue of tech-i we set out what EBUCore is and how it's being used.




In the aftermath of WRC-12 many discussions are taking place around the future of digital terrestrial television. Articles from the EBU's spectrum experts look at the outlook for harmonization in the 700MHz band and at the first steps taken by the broadcast community towards WRC-15. And in the radio domain, David Wood looks at the options for digital radio implementation.


There's a Member Profile of HRT, the host of this year's Technical Assembly, by Kazimir Bacic, the Croatian broadcaster's Technical Director, who also features "In the spotlight" in this issue. And the new EBU strategic programme on IMPS - Integrated Media Production Strategies - is presented.


Download issue 12 of tech-i


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