Libre Software Meeting

The 2012 edition of RMLL, the Libre Software Meeting, took place in Geneva. The EBU organized a series of presentations on Free and Open Source Software for Media, TV and Radio.

Selected presentations are available for download below. 
Day 1 - Media Production
Apertus - open source cinema - Sebastian Pichelhofer
Introduction to Openstack, an Open Cloud Computing Platform - David Butler
How RAI's Hyper Media News aggregation system keeps staff on top of the news - Maurizio Montagnuolo
Workshop on CasparCG for graphics and video playout - Robert Nagy
Introduction to Blender, open source 3D content creation - Olivier Amrein
Introduction to FreeLCS - the Free Loudness Correction Server - Mikael Hartzell
Highlights from Day 1: Media Production - Frans de Jong

Day 2 - Media Distribution & Delivery

Open Source Broadcast Encoding - Kieran Kunhya
• MXF Low Latency Streaming Demonstrator - Jérémie Rossier
pjsip - Lightweight open source real-time communications SDK - Perry Ismangil
OSS bricks for television head-ends - Christophe Massiot
Open source interactive television in Italy (and Europe too) - Andrea Venturi
Home Brew IPTV head-end - Thomas Kernen
Free/Open tools for hybrid radio with RadioDNS - Michael Barroco


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