Those who attended the IBC will not have missed it: loudness is everywhere. EBU's Loudness Recommendation (EBU R 128) is now supported by over 35 companies. Implementations include not 'only' live meters, but also QC software and file normalisers. To help with the implementation of EBU Tech 3341 (EBU Mode meters) and EBU Tech 3342 (Loudness Range), the EBU has published a new version of its Loudness meter test material.


At the EBU's IBC booth, loudness presentations were given every hour. These were welcomed by many broadcasters and equipment implementers. Answers to frequently asked questions posed will be made available in the Loudness FAQ section on this site.

Besides discussing technical details, broadcasters are looking to share practical deployment aspects, such as how to set up training for audio staff. EBU Member France TV is one of the broadcasters which has started planning this already. French executive authorities have chosen EBU Recommendation R 128 for controlling the loudness of television broadcasts to protect viewers from large changes in the volume of programmes and advertisements.





At the upcoming EBU Loudness Distribution Workshop , the French example and the deployment of EBU R 128 in Switzerland will be addressed in detail. Should you have any questions about the EBU's loudness work before then, send an e-mail to: .

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